Crafting Shirts Online Workshop

Maker: Jane McCann
From: Filmmaker Myrid Carten
Activity Type: Events and Workshops
Ticket Price: Free
Start: 20-Aug-2020 -
End: 30-Sep-2020 -


Crafting Shirts is an online guided workshop in pattern cutting with a step by step demonstration in how to adapt a simple pattern block to create your own individual shirt pattern. This 2-hour film is a collaboration between clothing designer Jane McCann and film maker Myrid Carten created for August Craft Month 2020.

Jane McCann takes a simple workwear shirt as the starting point and shows how one garment can be adapted to create a range of outcomes. With finished examples from her Linen Futures collection (Linen Biennale 2018), this project references the NI heritage of shirt making and linen production and focuses on how enduring, inclusive design can reduce clothing waste while being endlessly adaptable.

Download the equipment list here, so you can follow along in your own time and create your own unique pattern, ready to sew in your choice of fabric. Crafting Shirts will be accessible until 30 September 2020.  

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