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Atlantic Rose

Emma Thorpe's pieces are predominantly made using various chainmail weaves. A technique first used to construct protective armour in the Middle Ages, chainmail has evolved into an art form which is now mainly used to create beautiful pieces of unique and unusual jewellery.

Inspired by her 10 year long career as an archaeologist, Emma Thorpe uses the ancient techniques of chainmail and viking knitting to produce beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery.

A technique commonly associated with the art of war, chainmail involves the skillful and intricate linking of jump rings into a pattern, or weave. By translating these weaves from base metal to precious metal, Emma transforms chainmail into a delicate, beautiful art form that is both elegant and feminine.

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No 4 Queens Street, Coleraine, Co Derry.

Number 19 Craft and Design, Craft Village, Derry.


£25 up to £500 (depending on material used)