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Ballynagran Crafts

Ballynagran Crafts has evolved from a family tradition of artistic expression to the genuine pursuit of skilled craftsmanship. Their enterprise marries the skill and vision of their woodturner with the idiosyncratic and bespoke nature of the crafts market that exists.

Aesthetic inspiration surrounds Ballynagran Crafts in the north Tyrone valley, which once was home to Ballynagran Estate (c.1870), owned by the Duke of Abercorn once-upon-a-time. They have reclaimed this historical name as homage to the origins of much of their indigenous stock. Innovation is the order of the day in the workshop, where they specialise in hand turned bowls; some with a natural edge and all finished to a high standard. They also turn egg cups, trinket boxes and candlestick-holders. To meet the needs of their clients, Ballynagran offer personalisation of the pieces to reflect the signature of the consumer as well as the craftsman. All of their products are finished in beeswax and carnauba, for a food-safe finish. The Ballynagran Crafts logo embodies a guarantee of authenticity, character and a connection to this modest and beautiful part of Northern Ireland.

Ballynagran Crafts use a range of local woods such as sycamore, ash and beech. Occasionally they source oak and walnut from outside the locality. The design process involves the wood-turner identifying what each piece of wood lends itself to and then working patiently with it at the lathe to bring this vision into reality. He may decide to incorporate a feature of the piece’s natural beauty into the finished product, such as leaving a natural edge or bark on it. The piece is then sanding through a number of grits for the smoothest possible finish and finally, sealed with wax, oil or beeswax depending on the piece and its intended use.

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104 Moorlough Road,
Co. Tyrone,
BT82 0ES

Tel: 02871397866