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Gillian Fleming

Gillian Fleming is an artist, recently graduated from the University of Ulster, Belfast, in Contemporary Applied Arts. She uses porcelain paperclay, glass and metal, to create unique, abstract, sculptural forms. Her work continues to evolve and push the boundaries of the materials.

Possessing a resemblance to how the growth of stalactites begin to form between cracks and crevices, she explores how glass seeps between small apertures.

By coiling, weaving and lacing strips of copper and hand making hollow porcelain paperclay structures, Gillian creates forms through which the glass can pour. Challenging the viscous properties of glass, she controls the kiln environment to manipulate the fluidity of the glass, creating both the appearance of slow moving forms and frozen thread like droplets. Encouraging the glass to stretch into thin strands, whilst maintaining strength to support the weight of the metal above, her work exploits its duality of strength and fragility.

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Further Information

Collections of her work can be viewed at, along with a list of current and upcoming exhibition. Private commissions are also available on request