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Heather Wilson

After completing her Masters in Applied Art at the University of Ulster, Heather Wilson became Resident Artist with County Down Crafts through Craft NI’s making it programme.

Heathers work combines quality craftsmanship and aesthetics with a highly conceptual approach, often belying the perceptions and blurring the labels that are set up between fine and applied art. She explores glass, metal, water and light in her gallery-based installations, with potential for adapting the work to suit interior and exterior architectural and public spaces.

Heather Wilson has a Masters degree in Applied Art from the University of Ulster. She creates projections and object-based installations, wall-mounted works and small-scale sculptural objects and incorporates a diverse range of materials from glass to metal, porcelain, textiles and print to photography.

“My work is motivated by a sense of ‘otherness’, a desire to taste, to encounter and to be momentarily immersed in something magical that goes beyond normality. The work attempts to articulate little foretastes of the spine-tingling ‘unknown’ that make life fascinating. It’s not about mere existence, its about absorbing every drop of childlike pleasure – seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, the reality in things we only sense and catching the magic of our own involvement in it.”

Heather works to both public and private commission.

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2007 An Interruption in the Way of Things (solo), Island Arts Centre, Lisburn
2007 Emerge, Space CRAFT, Belfast
2007 Ignition, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast
2006 Royal Ulster Academy 125th Show, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast
2006 Ignition MA show, The Switch Room, Belfast, Flowerfield Arts Centre, Portstewart andClotworthy Arts Centre, Antrim
2006 “New Designers”, Islington, London
2006 Creative Belfast Showcase, Waterfront Hall, Belfast
2006 Printed Works from the University of Ulster, Belfast Print Workshop, Belfast
2005 Inspired By, Island Arts Centre, Belfast
2005 Ignition, Church Lane Gallery, Belfast, Flowerfield Arts Centre, Portstewart and Clotworthy Arts Centre, Antrim
2004 From the Edge, Millennium Arts Centre, Portadown
2004 Degree Show, University of Ulster, Belfast
2003 Intangible Series (solo), The Fountainhead Gallery, Downpatrick
2003 Royal Dublin Society, National Crafts Competition & Touring Exhibition Royal Dublin Society, Dublin
2003 In Context, CDC exhibition, Island Art Centre, Lisburn
2003 “Eikon, Summer Madness Arts Festival, Kings Hall, Belfast

2006 Making It , Craft NI
2006 Arts and Business Commissioning Programme (ABC4)

2008 exterior piece, Carlisle Health & Well Being Centre,Belfast Health & Social Care Trust
2007 Turning a Corner, Department of Employment and Learning for Northern Ireland
2007 Looking Posts, exterior commission, Design Ethos, graphic design company, in association with Arts & Business
2005 Donegal and Down, Private Collector
2005 Memories are made of these, Private Collector
2004 1000 faces concept book, bought by the University of Ulster for the archive collection
2004 “You shall go to the Ball, Private Collector
2003 Tiers and Frills, Private Collector
2003 Buttons and Collar, Private Collector
2003 Random Patch, Private Collector
2003 Floral Patch, Private Collector

2008 Perspective VOL 17/ No.1
2008 Ulster Business
2007 An Interruption in the Way of Things, limited edition, concept book by Heather Wilson (Design Ethos, 2007)