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Jill Phillips

Jill Phillips is an award-winning multi-disciplinary designer of bespoke furniture, textiles and interiors. She studied at the University of Ulster, Scottish College of Textiles, St Martins and KLC, obtaining degree level and certificates in specialised fields.

Jill’s passion for fabric, texture and pattern is evident in her work. Her concepts intrinsically link her textiles and furniture designs, and are often incorporated together in delightfully surprising ways. The current collection consists of tables combining exceptional woods with other materials and her own embroidered textiles.

All my life I’ve been attracted by the contrast of past and present, experience and innocence, antique and modern. My pieces encourage the observer to construct their own visual experience, a subconscious impression at first but one which slowly ripens into awareness.

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    Architectural,Furniture,Soft Furnishings

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13 Osborne Drive

Tel: 07977144845