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Julie Scott

Julie Scott completed a BA Honours in Fine and Applied Art (Ceramics) at the Belfast School of Art. Her practice consists of three dimensional ceramic sculptures that are influenced by her drawings and paintings.

Julie Scott's hand-built ceramic pieces reflect historical narratives and themes of memory and family ancestry. Her signature Victoriana figures aim to act as portals into a past time and as a reminder of those who have existed before us. The form’s expressions, gestures and ornate gowns are recreated from Victorian sepia photographs. Vintage lace is used to imprint the clay with oxides, glazes and rusts used to age the object.

Once beautiful, now wilted and aged, these specimens are brought into a time and a place that is no longer their own.

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Further Information

Northern Ireland
Space Craft Gallery, Belfast
National Trust, Mountstewart Retail Outlet (from March 2014)

Julie runs Sculptural Ceramic evening classes at Ards Arts Centre. (10 week courses) She also facilitates full day workshops at Ards Arts Centre and at her ‘pod’ studio at Project 24.

Contact Details

Lilac Pod 1,
Queens Parade,
Co. Down,
BT20 3BH

Tel: 07808662117