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Katie Larmour Design

Katie Larmour Design specialises in traditional handcrafted quilting including patchwork and applique techniques, with hand stitched blinding.

Irish born Katie Larmour trained as an applied artist at the School of Art and Design in Belfast and is a member of the Ulster Society of Women Artists. Her degree show in ceramics was a delicate fusion of textiles and porcelain including Irish linen and she has continued to work with this extraordinary fabric since.

Her heritage goes back to the French Huguenots who brought their new tools, techniques and artisan skills to firmly establish the linen industry in the North of Ireland in the 18th Century, seeing it rise to a become a world leader in textiles. This is the tradition to which Katie Larmour Design's revival of Irish Linen was born, now specialising in unique luxury handcrafted cushions and heirloom quilts using 100% pure Irish linen from the flax plant and often incorporating vintage and antique elements.

Katie won a place with the British European Design group to represent them at the ICFF showcase as part of New York Design Week in 2016 to promote her craft internationally. Katie also exhibited with the Design Salon for the first Belfast Design Week in 2015. The 'Artisan Linen' collection's patterns are inspired by the old bleaching method of laying out strips of linen in fields for the sun, as well as shapes from our landscape such as the natural hexagon baslt stone formation found on the North Coast, which harmonise together beautifully.

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    Accessories,Soft Furnishings,Other

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