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Lyndsey McDougall

Lyndsey McDougall graduated from the University of Ulster in 2008 with a Master of Design in Textile, Material, Product. She is drawn to the history of embroidery and the re-interpretation of traditional needlework techniques in a contemporary context.

Lyndsey McDougall has exhibited at international exhibitions including the Biennale Internationale du Lin, Quebec in 2011, and lectures at the University of Ulster on the Textile Art, Design and Fashion Course.

She uses a set of idiosyncratic symbols to express and communicate her notions of nature and natural forms. 

She is interested in forming an illusory image from various beginnings including the study of minerals, botany and the esoteric. The development of skill also plays an important role in her work

Materials Used:


Product Types:

    Soft Furnishings,Other

Further Information

Yes – Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast