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Mairead McCormack

Inspired by artefacts from the past, Mairead explores the fragile beauty in the disintegration of tangible paper objects and aims to highlight the pace at which society is evolving, which has resulted in the intangibility of objects such as books, newspapers and money. 

Working mainly with Irish linen, Mairead investigates ways of bringing a human element into her work through embroidery. This allows her to sew a seam, draw thread, darn a hole and mend in order to add to the work. Mairead aims to sustain traditions of labour-intensive and well-made work within textiles.

The nostalgic aesthetic and attention to detail in itself is a stark contrast to the modern, fast paced environment we live in today. 

After completing her degree in Textile Art, Design & Fashion, Mairead is currently the Artist in Residence at the Ulster University in Belfast.

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Tel: 02894 473149