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Mid Antrim Woodturning

Each piece that Mid Antrim Woodturning (Coalville Elliott) creates is unique, with the source materials personally selected from a local sawmill. The artworks are created from choice cuts of trees, turned and finished in a way to maximise the natural beauty of the grain and textures from within the wood.

Colville had a serious motorcycle accident in 2015 were he sustained multiple injuries including a Brachial Plexus injury. Some brachial plexus injuries are minor and will completely recover in several weeks. Other injuries cause permanent disability in the arm. It is a form of paralysis. He had surgery to transfer and transplant nerves into his arm and shoulder but was told that it would be very doubtful if he would wood-turn again.

A strong determination to continue practicing his craft has helped Colville to adapt. His arm will never be what it was but with regular physiotherapy it will improve. By learning to adapt he has proved surgeons wrong.

"I make pens, bottle stoppers, bottle openers, rolling pins, bowls, cake stands, clocks, Seam rippers, necklaces, cufflinks and goblets. I particularly like making bowls. There is something special about taking a piece of wood and turning it into something usable."

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Midtown Makers, Church St, Ballymena

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