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Naomi Whan

Naomi Whan studied Fine and Applied Art, specialising in Textiles at the University of Ulster.

Naomi has sold work at exhibitions and participated on an artist residency in U.S.A. She was a participant on the Craft NI making it programme based at Island Arts Centre, Lisburn.

“My work speaks of an open-mindedness towards materials and making. This creative response, free expression and spontaneity is what fascinates me the most and drives me to create work. I also enjoy the limitations and restrictions of working from perhaps one or two materials since constraints can force my thinking to become more creative and original. I don’t apply any concepts that have symbolic meaning or value, instead my art is aesthetic. Composition and visual impact are my key concerns.”

Naomi’s works can be described as installation art-pieces that have a three-dimensional form. She works to both public and private commission.

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