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Rekindled Yard

Rekindled Yard is a small, family-run business, based in Co. Antrim where Mr RY creates pieces that are handmade or carved from beautiful reclaimed materials.

In a world of flat pack and mass production, Mr RY finds great pleasure in creating pieces that are built to stand the test of time, in an eco-friendly way. Reusing locally sourced materials represents Rekindled Yard’s eco-friendly ethos and zest for working with materials too often seen as waste.

After twenty years as a builder/joiner, Mr RY decided it was time to have a bash at what he was really passionate about. The work is inspired by the natural strength of timber and the character through knots and irregular weave in the grain. The name Rekindled Yard came from a love of reusing timber, which may have otherwise ended up in the wood chipper. It is incredible how aged material, full of character, can be brought back to life to continue its journey, the "Rekindled Way".

Handmade pieces provide the ultimate antidote to buying mass-produced: bringing personality, individuality and something authentic to your home. Rekindled Yard produce a variety of products for sale and to commission; from small, personalised gift items through to large decorative pieces and furniture, including carvings - each piece is as individual and unique as the people who come to own them.

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