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Sasha McVey

Sasha McVey graduated with a BA Honours in Contemporary Applied Art in 2014. She uses both porcelain and black clay to create exclusive sculptural forms which are influenced by her natural surroundings, exploring the seaside, forest, coast and glens.

Fascinated by the smooth rounded touch of a pebble, the white rock face of a limestone cliff, the curves and contours of the landscape itself, Sasha’s sculptural pieces reflect the qualities which she discovers and observes in her area which are often overlooked.

Working in porcelain and black clay she draws upon the natural qualities of both - enhancing porcelain's smooth, fine, polished qualities, contrasting these with the rich, textured surface of black clay.

Her exclusive sculptural forms echo the fleeting moment in nature to evoke a memory and a second glance at the overlooked landscape and environment which surround us.

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Northern Ireland
Gallery 1608, Bushmills

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29 Channel Vista
Co Antrim
BT44 0AG