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Sharon Adams

After 25 years in South East England, Sharon Adams recently returned to Northern Ireland and now works from her rural home and studio in County Antrim, using traditional craft skills to make one-off sculptural pieces and small editions.

Using natural wood alongside small scale metal work and textiles, Sharon works by repeating ideas in order to interrogate their essential qualities. Fascinated by tools and our very human connection with making, she creates functionless pieces inspired by the kind of defunct objects often consigned to museum collections.

The work is driven by questions about the meaning and value of work and functionality; production and consumption.

Graduating from the University of Brighton in 2011 with BA(Hons) in 3D Materials Practice, she has since participated in a number of exhibitions across the UK.

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Further Information

Northern Ireland
Work available at selected exhibitions eg Craft & Design Collective, MAK9

Exhibitions, see website listings


Contact Details

84 Old Frocesses Road
Co Antrim
BT44 9NA

Tel: 07779 080722