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Sharon Lindsay Ferguson

Sharon Lindsay Ferguson is a designer recently returned to Belfast after working in London for nine years as Head Stylist for MMM Studios. Born in 1978 she completed her Degree in 2000 and MA in 2006, both from The National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

Sharon works in pictorial and sculptural textiles. Public Collections that include Sharon’s work are The Ulster Maternity Hospital and The National Trust.

She has won awards from the following organisations; Irish Design Institute, The Crafts Council of Ireland, The Art’s Council, The Golden Fleece Award and Enterprise Ireland. She was also a recipient of The Peter Mark Bursary Award.

Sharon has collaborated with musicians, artists and museums to produce costumes and applied art. She has exhibited her work in the USA, Europe, Australia, the UK and Ireland. Her passion for textiles is teamed with a love of the making process.

“My approach to textiles is eclectic using various media to create interesting surface imagery and texture. I’m essentially a collector and my work is shaped from fragments of memories, thoughts, images and objects. Each piece of work is a part of my personal journey and I enjoy letting the material I’m working with guide and inspire me.”

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Further Information

Sharon's professional experience includes:
2007-2016: Head Stylist for MMM Studios, London
2006-2007: External tutor at The National College of Art and Design, Dublin
2005-2007: Curator at “Directing Irish Visual Arts”, Dublin


2008 Image of LongingNational Craft Gallery (NCG), Crafts Council of Ireland
2008 “The International Expositions of Sculpture Objects and Functional Art” (SOFA), Chicago, USA.
2008 “1-4 Corridor: Stretching Threads Across Florida”, ACA Atlantic Center for the Arts, USA.
2008: “1-4 Corridor: Stretching Threads Across Florida” is also featured in the following galleries: Comma Gallery, Orlando, USA.
Museum of Florida Art, De LAnd, USA.
Peabody Auditorium, Daytona Beach, USA.
2008 Termoneeny Exhibition, Maghera
Millbank Gallery, Co. Tyrone
2008Crafts Council of Ireland at Showcase Royal Dublin Society, Dublin
2007-08 County Down Crafts 30th Annual Christmas exhibition, Space CRAFT, Belfast
2007-2008 Im dreaming of. Droichead Arts Centre, Drogheda
2007 “A Stroke of Textile Art” Hazel Williams Gallery, Kilkenny Arts Festival
2007 “Side by Side”, Hunt Museum, Limerick
2007 “Embrace“Da Capo Association, Dublin and Birmingham
2007 “Fuaite: A Stitched Show” Glor Arts Centre, Ennis
2007 “PQ’07“Irish Theatre Institute, Prague, CzechRepublic
2007 The World Craft Council Annual Exhibition, Bruges, Belgium
2007“Fabrications”, Waterfront Hall, Belfast
2006 “IDI Graduate Awards Exhibit”, Bank of Ireland PublicCollection, Dublin
2006 “The Knit and Stitch Show”, Royal Dublin Society, Dublin
2006 “Light & Shade”, Airfield Trust, Dublin
2004-ongoing, “The Best of Springhill”, National Trust, Springhill Costume Museum, Springhill


2008 Merit Award, Golden Fleece Award
2007 Export Grant, Enterprise Ireland
2006 Graduate Award, Irish Design Institute
2006Postgraduate Award, Crafts Council of Ireland
2006 Member of Portfolio , Crafts Council of Ireland

2007- 2008 design and management of making of costume, Madame Tussauds Studios, London Commissioned to design and supervise making of eighty-five costumes for Madame Tussauds new museum in Hollywood, LA. Also commissioned to make costume for Madame Tussauds London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Washington and New York as and when needed.
2007 textile art, The Ulster Maternity Hospital 2007 large-scale textile banners for a performance produced in collaboration with artist Pauline Cummins, Dublin
2006 illustrations, The Irish Style Guide
2006 costumes “Fighting Blindness” press launch, Dublin
2005 costumes ‘Snakes of Desire’ band
2004 stomacher and quilted petticoat, Springhill Museum, National Trust
2007 article International Textile Forum
2007 article Homes and Living Magazine
2007 article Confetti Magazine
2007 article Irish Arts Review
2007 article FE Magazine Article
2007 article Image Magazine article and photo shoot
2007 article Prudence magazine interview and photo shoot
2006-2007 CD package marketed internationally to galleries and outlets by the Crafts Council of Ireland.
2006 article Stoppress, Crafts Council of Ireland
2006 article Image Magazine
2006 article Irish Tatler Magazine
2006 article Sunday Independent