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The Stone Art Gallery

The Stone Art Gallery produces simplistic and naive 'moments in time' using combinations of copper wire and paper or pebbles and driftwood. These simplistic and naive creations quietly evoke memories, raise smiles or capture moments as they connect with the viewer to tell their story.

The Stone Art Gallery creates individual and unique pieces of art from seemingly inappropriate materials, allowing the materials themselves to dictate the outcome...

Three distinctive ranges are produced: pebble pictures using pebbles and found objects from the Inishowen coastline, wire sculptural pictures using copper wire and paper and wire trees produced from twisted strands of copper wire.

The Stone Art Gallery was awarded the Best Mixed Media Award in Derry City Councils Craft Awards 2015 and received the commission to produce the Awards themselves.

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Northern Ireland

Walled City Crafters, The Craft Village, Derry


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