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For Want of a Nail - an Exhibition by Eleanor Wheeler


'For Want of a Nail', refers to the proverb dating from the 13th century that exists in various versions, in different cultures and times.

It describes a situation whereby the oversight of a small detail might lead to major unforeseen consequences. Such chains of causality are generally only seen in hindsight.

Eleanor studied ceramics and sculpture in Aberdeen and Cardiff, completing a PhD in architectural ceramics and public art at Northumbria University. Upon returning to Northern Ireland, she has specialized in making large scale sculpture for public spaces, buildings and gardens. In between commissions, Eleanor travels extensively and journeys have included cycling through the Himalayas from Srinagar to Shimla, or along the Danube from its source in the Black Forest to the Black Sea. These journeys invariably generate ideas that inspire new work and nurture the artist’s lifelong fascination with animals and birds and their symbolic cultural significance across countries, transcending time and place.

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Dates: 4 - 27 October 2018

Where: 26 Irish Street
BT30 6BP