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Macrame Kokedama Workshop


Hosted by Claire of NodoKnots, an experience horticulturist and macrame maker, this workshop combines basic macrame skills with Kokedama, a style of Japanese bonsai in which a plant's root system is wrapped in moss and bound with string, transforming it into a living sculpture. Loosely translated, koke means 'moss' and dama means 'ball'. 

These hanging plants are a wonderful addition to any room in the home, or can be displayed outdoors.

There are many different plants that can thrive in a kokedama planting, and in this class, we'll discuss some of the different options.

Workshop Programme

An introduction to the tradition of Kokedama making Planting options Create macrame hanger Learn the basic method for the moss ball Create a Kokedama using the sheet moss and Kokedama wrapping technique Learn about upkeep and how to maintain and display your new plant

All supplies (plant, moss and twine) are included.

4th May 2020


No previous experience is required.

Where: Boom Studios
BT20 3AH