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Observation and Making in Place Workshop


Observation and Making in Place is a workshop for people who want to directly experience working creatively with fire and glass and with daily access to the nearby rugged beauty of the North Antrim Coast landscape. The combination of the studio facility and the North Antrim Coast will be a magnificent resource for the workshop. Surrounded by open fields and farmland, close to water and the unique geological features that characterize this area, we will have plenty of opportunity to explore and observe patterns, structures and spaces found in the natural environment.

Part of our daily routine will be investigating our surroundings, making observations and finding inspiration in nature. The information we gather from exploring the natural environment, we will then bring back to the studio and translate through materials. Facilitated by Annie Cattrell and Andrea Spencer, the emphasis of this collaborative workshop is concerned with the exploration of material, ideas and the subsequent distillation of the participant’s creative voice. This unique workshop aims to expand upon meaningful narratives and the poetic, with emphasis on the actual location. Together, Catrell's and Spencer's combined approaches and skills offer a breadth of technical competence in flame working and sculpture, along with insightful and constructive guidance for each individual.

Fee: £850 

For more information and to book, please email: andreaspencerglass@gmail.com

Dates between: 1- 5 September 2020. 

Where: 35 Lagavara Road
BT54 6NG