Anne Butler and Michael Moore selected for Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale

Anne Butler and Michael Moore are among a prestigious list of ceramicists selected for the 2019 Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale in Korea. Now it's 10th year, held in 2019, the GICB is set to make new and innovative changes where ‘International Competition’ will take the centre stage as the main event of the biennale. This is a move to be differentiated from the previous events of holding various programs under the pre-designated theme.

The GICB2019 will be aligned with multi-layered academic events and workshop programs with all the 302 selected artists. This will be planned to drive a new paradigm of art event as an ‘International Competition’ to lead the trend of ceramic arts and as ‘platform of arts’ where workshop, performance and seminars are conducted in harmony.

Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (GICB) is an event to be held in Gyeonggi-do province, which is a heart of Korean ceramics industry and culture. It is to take a review the current status of ceramic arts across the world and issues of ceramic culture to see and discuss where we should go in the future. The GICB has been defining current status of international ceramic arts of the time and generating discourses with diverse artistic experiments, by exploring future direction of ceramic arts and now it will be marking the 10th event next year. 

Intersect, 2018, by Michael Moore. Photography by Jim Mcginn.

Michael Moore, reader of Contemporary Applied Arts Ceramics at Ulster University says:

"I made Intersect in 2018 with the GCIB Korean Biennial specifically in mind. It’s construction was very challenging and forms a new body of work which will continue in 2019. Current glaze testing will see new colours in 2019 aswell. I was selected once before for the Korean Ceramics Biennial and had the pleasure of visiting the Icheon Ceramics Foundation which is one of the most remarkable sites for the exhibition of Ceramic Art I have ever visited. It was so clear during the visit how important Ceramics is to Korean people and its history and culture. So I’m delighted to be selected again. Also in 2014 Hyeyoung Cho curated the exhibition of Korean Ceramics when we ran the General Assembly of the International Academy of Ceramics in Dublin Castle. The exhibition was a real highlight of the Assembly. It further highlighted how highly Ceramics is valued in Korea."

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Anne Butler - Shift, Cut & Layered PorcelainAnne Butler works primarily in ceramics using a variety of materials, processes and techniques that challenge the fallibility of the material and explore structure and the passage of time as well as cultural and individual memory.

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For the full list of 302 selected artists please click here.

Works by the 302 artists will be included in both an online and an offline catalogue to be published for worldwide distribution. A few of the artists will be granted the opportunity to participate in residency programmes in Korea and other countries. Fifty artists including the forty-two artists selected for an on-site exhibition will participate in live art events such as performances, demonstrations and talks at the Icheon World Ceramic Centre during the biennale. Seven finalists (1 Grand Prize, 4 Excellence Prizes, 2 Online Special Prizes) will be selected during the biennale.

Dates : September 27 ~ November 24, 2019 (tentative)  

Venue : Icheon Cerapia, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Hosted by : Gyeonggi-do Province

Organized by : Korea Ceramic Foundation, GICB International Committee

Events : International Competition, Invitational Exhibition of Torbjørn Kvasbø, Exchange Projects of Korean & Danish Crafts, workshops and seminars.

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