Call for submissions: August Craft Month 2020

August Craft Month 2020 Call for Event Registration


Coronavirus has rained on all our plans for our annual August Craft Month but we hope not totally dampened our spirits! We are aware that social distancing and severe limitations on physical events this year will significantly impact the kind of events that August Craft Month can attract.


However, we don't want to let 2020 be the year there was no ACM, so we would like to invite makers and venues to submit appropriate contributions to this important event showcasing the best of Northern Ireland talent. At Craft NI, we're determined to use this opportunity to keep NI craft and makers' profiles as high as we can.

Could you submit:
  • A socially distanced small workshop?
  • An online workshop?
  • A virtual studio tour?
  • A video clip of a process?
  • A How To or a Craft Hack?
  • A talk or a learning point? 
  • A podcast or interview?

We can promote chargeable as well as free online content or permissible physical activities that promote and encourage participation in craft.


Our remit is to support and amplify everything you do so we will provide:

- Professional PR agency coverage
- Social media support
- An online and physical exhibition
- Keynote interviews
- August Craft Month online calendar and downloadable pdf

Please submit ideas by FRIDAY 24 JULY - but we'll keep updating the calendar throughout the month of August.





Please read before completing your Registration.

As it may not be possible to include every submission, priority will be given to those that: are high quality;
focus on skill sharing and the acquisition of new skills;
encourage more people to engage with craft

What we mean by 'High Quality'

By this we mean work that:
• Demonstrates high standards of technical skills and design;
• Does not reproduce or restore but is innovative in its use of materials, aesthetic vision and/or processes;
• Reflects the signature of the individual Craft maker.



To help us to promote your activity in the best possible way, please take the time to:
Write a strong and effective piece of text that best describes what you’re doing.
The wording and information that you provide in this form will be what we use in any print, publicity, PR and online listing.
Don’t forget to include web links or URLs

To help us to promote your event in the best possible way, please take the time to:
Select 3 high quality images for the promotion of your event.
We are looking for 3 high resolution jpgs (300dpi).
Each image should be clearly labelled with your name and a number 1 to 3.
These should be emailed to

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer them.


REGISTER HERE by Friday 24 July

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