Database of Manufacturing and Production Facilities: Call for Entries

01-Dec-2014 in Business & the Economy

The Design and Crafts Council of Ireland are in the process of compiling a database of educational institutions, collaborative workshops, organisation and companies who would be available to undertake commission/contract work within the Craft Sector. The deadline to submit an entry is the 17th of December, 2014 (please note extended deadline).


Craft-suitable making facilities interested in working with the craft sector are offered a free listing that will remain with the Design and Crafts Council and potentially targeted at designers and makers who may want to test, enhance, expand and outsource.  This work is being carried out in association with Dolmen Design Consultancy in Dublin.

In order to be considered for inclusion, please fill out the database questionnaire (below) and email it back to Meabh Ring at . Closing date for reply emails is currently Friday 17th December. For further information contact: +353 (0)87 6711147.

DATABASE QUESTIONNAIRE for entry onto database of Manufacturing and Production facilities on the island of Ireland interested in working with Irish design and craft sector enterprises. Please fill in your details below…thank you for the detail!  Please do not submit any information you consider commercially sensitive.
1.    Name of Facility:
2.    Contact Person:
3.    Mailing Address:
4.    Landline:                      Mobile:
5.    Email:                           Website:
6.    Are you interested in work with the design/craft sector?
7.    Do you give consent for your details to be circulated to Enterprise Ireland, Design & Crafts Council of Ireland staff and mentors?
8.    What is it? What are you…a production facility or a craft business mentor?
9.    What craft discipline can you offer services to? For example - Glass; Fashion/Textiles; Ceramics; Woodworking/Furniture; Jewellery
10.    What is the number of people working in your organisation?
11.    Please describe the manufacturing and services on offer…what is it you can provide?

12.    Do you sub-contract any work overseas?
13.    If so why?
14.    What percentage do you sub-contract?
15.    What type of production run do you require?
16.    Have you downtime in production and if so when is it?
17.    When is your uptime in production?
18.    Is there a minimum batch run that you require?
19.    Is there a maximum batch run that we should be aware of?
20.    What are the typical lead times for production?
21.    What financial terms do you require?
22.    Do you have pre-production requirements…such as drawings, specifications, bill of materials, prototype etc.?
23.    Have you capacity/ability to scale up production if you had to?
24.    What do you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of your sector when it comes to production capability?

Download a .doc version of the DATABASE QUESTIONNAIRE.

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