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15-Feb-2017 in

Craft NI is delighted to report that Rhiannon Ewing-James, Project Officer for Craft NI since August 2016, has been appointed the new Creative Producer at British Ceramics Biennial. However this sadly means she is no longer Project Officer for Craft NI, but we're thrilled to announce that Meadhbh McIlgorm has joined Craft NI to take up the role.

Rhiannon brought a huge passion and knowledge of the sector to her post, and has been integral to the ongoing development and delivery of core projects such as making it, the Business Development Programme, August Craft Month, and Export programmes.

She has been an invaluable core member of the team, bringing her skills, knowledge and passion as a maker to support craft businesses, and will be really missed by her colleagues and the sector. Rhiannon has been a pleasure to work with and the Craft NI Board and Staff would like to thank her for her contribution to the craft sector here. We have no doubt she will be a wonderful addition to the Ceramics Biennial team.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to welcome our interim Project Officer to the Craft NI team. Meadhbh McIlgorm joined us in January to deliver existing projects to April 2017, and is looking forward to working with you.

Meadhbh, from Dublin, studied glass design at the National College of Art and Design, graduating in 2013. She moved to NI in 2015 to complete a Masters in Arts Management in Queens University (First Class Honours). Meadhbh is also vice-chair of the Glass Society of Ireland.

If you haven’t already heard from her, Meadhbh can be reached on

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