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2017 RDS Craft Awards Open

Awards & Competitions 20-Mar-2017 - 14-Jun-2017

The annual RDS Craft Awards showcase and reward excellence in Irish craft. Established in 1968, the Awards follow an RDS tradition of promoting Irish craft which dates back to the nineteenth century. There is a prize fund of over €30,000 this year and online applications close on 14 June.

Showcasing and rewarding excellence in Irish craft since 1968, the RDS Craft Awards is a two strand open competition with an independent panel of craft experts assessing the work of emerging and established craftspeople separately. 

The top prize winners in each strand will receive the RDS Awards of Excellence which comes with a cash prize of €5,000. Ten category prize winners in both emerging and established makers strands will receive €500 sponsored by the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland as well as an RDS medal and certificate. There are also many other sponsored prizes on offer including a free stand for an emerging maker at the 2017 National Crafts & Design Fair worth €2,500. There is an RDS Graduate Award of €2,000 and the RDS Muriel Gahan Award of €2,000 - this is a business development prize.

There are 10 categories in the 2017 competition. Entrants should reflect their primary skill when selecting a category for their entry. There is a maximum of one entry per person. Please note that a single entry can comprise a number of related items. Some categories (calligraphy & lettering, carving, basketry and leatherwork) are rotated every second year. In 2017, basketry and calligraphy & lettering will be included in the Craft Awards the following year carving and leatherwork.

2017 Categories

1. Constructed Textiles (woven, knitted, crocheted, felted textiles, lace)
2. Embellished Textiles (embroidery, patchwork, quilting, batik, printed textiles)
3. Basketry
4. Jewellery
5. Silversmithing & Metalwork
6. Furniture
7. Ceramics
8. Glass
9. Calligraphy & Lettering
10. Woodturning

To find out more about the RDS Craft Awards, including applicant guidelines, key dates and online application, please follow the link below.