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62 Group Membership Application 2018

Calls for Makers 20-Apr-2018 - 01-Jun-2018

62 Group of Textiles Artists - Call for Membership Applications.

Membership of the 62 Group of Textile Artists is open to those of any age, gender or nationality working in any textile media worldwide.

About Membership

The 62 Group is an artist led organisation administered by a committee of group members.
All exhibiting members are subject to continuous selection by their peers. Those who do not submit or do not have their work selected for three consecutive years forfeit membership. This rigorous criterion plays a vital role in stimulating the Group’s growth and development.

A regular newsletter ensures contact is maintained between members; there are also regional meetings and an Annual General Meeting (AGM), which sometimes include lectures by guests and members.

The annual membership fee for an exhibiting member is currently £45.00 GBP Sterling, (payable on 1st September annually) which covers the newsletter and AGM, as well as publications and organising of exhibitions.

The success and continuation of the Group depends on its members. A committee administers the Group and applicants should only apply for membership if they are willing to take an active part in assisting in this administration.

For the full application procedure click here.

Submission Fee: £22

Deadline: 1 June 2018