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Call for Jewellers: Hand Medal Project

Calls for Makers 11-May-2020 - 30-Oct-2020

Hand Medal Project

"As we witness how health professionals give their best to the community, risking their lives for us, we want to find a way to honour them. They should receive a medal, an offering given in gratitude and devotion. At some point this crisis will pass and there will be time to thank them for everything they did.

We intend to present as many healthcare workers as possible with a medal inspired by a traditional ex-vote to also mark that moment when we can glimpse the future.

Dear makers, jewelers, friends, Hand Keepers, As our project gets underway, a few updates.

First of all, let us express our thanks to you all, for joining us in this effort. Since there are quite a few “moving parts” and many people involved, please let us remind you of our overall purpose: we want to express gratitude, we want the medals to say thank you.

Ex-votos are not like other jewels: they are made and offered to express gratitude and devotion. This is what we want our hand medals to be and do.

The quality of the medals is important because we want to show that our craft is exceptionally adept at expressing and representing gratitude in three-dimensional, material form. Each medal represents us, collectively. The work needs to be austere, to not be about the maker, but about the receiver, the frontline workers they are devoted to.

We ask you to engage everybody in your network in this collaborative effort: every hand counts, whether you can make one or a hundred.

We also need more Hand Keepers. We are looking for people should, like you. be trustworthy and kind, able to engage their community and supportive ofthe project/concept.

Both the making, collecting, and distribution of the medals will take time. The health workers will also need to recover their breath when the worst of this will be over. We therefore ask the hand keepers to collect until the end of October 2020. The medals will be handed out on November 8. Please establish contact with a Hand Giver of your choice. We trust you that you know where to find this special nurse or doctor and that they will share this moment of handing out the medals with those who have been in difficult times with them.

Every hand and its maker will be registered on the website so that recipients may trace their medal’s origins, if they wish to do so. The registration process will further allow us to build a progressive graph of gratitude. Encourage everybody to send us an image of their hands making. After having been reading pandemic graphics for months—of numbers of deaths, of global distribution of deaths, daily new cases of contagion, our graphics will draw a different picture—one of thankfulness and devotion.

Hand Keeper tasks: When a Jeweler signs up for the project, they are assigned a registration code. This code will be engraved onto their medals and will serve to identify them to the receiver.

Once the jeweler has finished making the medals, they will send them to you. You will check the quality, make sure they are correctly coded, as well as properly tied with the string and safety pin, as shown in the video.

When the medals are ready, you can download and print the envelope . Finally, when the medals are packed, please update your spreadsheet (which will be sent to you by email in a couple of weeks) with the number of medals each jeweler has delivered, identifying them with their code.

You are gems, thank you so much for doing this together."

To participate please contact:

Northern Ireland: Anne Earls-Boylan - an.earlsboylan@gmail.com

ROI: Sinead Cooke sinead.cooke@gmail.com

For more information, please click here

Download the leaflet here.

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