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‘Do What You Do Best’ Talk Summary by Dan Goode

Seek and Adore is a niche website that hand picks makers to market, to champion and to sell their products. Dan Goode, Chief Seeker with seekandadore.com, presented one of the Craft NI Commercial Masterclasses as part of the August Craft Month 2013 programme. His talk focused on how makers can market and present themselves as cheaply and effectively as possible.


The talk covered:

  • How to make first impressions count, particularly focusing on how to get photographs which show your work to the best online advantage
  • How to make informed choices about choosing a selling website that suits your purse and ambitions
  • Low cost / no cost ways to market yourself on the internet
  • Most importantly, how to tell your unique story online to best effect

Dan Goode has put together a summary of 'DO WHAT YOU DO BEST: A guide to getting the most out of the internet for designer-makers' - the talk he presented at the Ulster Museum, Belfast on the 19th of August 2013.

Read/download  the presentation précis here: 'DO WHAT YOU DO BEST' Talk Summary by Dan Goode (c.3 pages)

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