CRAFT  NI Gallery    |    115 - 119 Royal Avenue, Belfast, BT1 1FF


GALLERY REOPENING Saturday 27 June 2020, 10am – 5pm.


We have a number of safety measures in place to create a safe and enjoyable environment.

As we adjust to reopening, our hours are slightly different than normal:

Tuesday to Friday 11am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone back to the gallery!

Private Appointments
For anyone who does not feel comfortable visiting during normal opening hours we have allotted time slots Tuesday – Friday between 10 and 11am. This provides a little extra peace of mind for anyone who would feel more comfortable in a more controlled environment. During this time no other visitors will be allowed inside the gallery and all staff will wear face masks and gloves. Please email to book.


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Abbie Dixon - Jewellery

Adam Frew - Ceramics

Adele Pound - Paper

Alison Fitzgerald - Basket Weaving

Alison Hanvey - Ceramics

Alison Ormsby - Cards

Andrea Hayes - Textiles

Angela Davison - Jewellery

Angela O'Keefe - Jewellery

Anne Butler - Ceramics

Cameron and Breen - Jewellery

Carla Pennie McBride - Jewellery

Catherine Keenan - Glass

Claire Skelton - Jewellery

David Cousley - Wood

Deborah Toner - Textiles

Egle Banyte  - Jewellery

Céline Traynor - Jewellery

Fiona Kerr - Jewellery

Francis O'Donnell - Textiles

Gail Kelly - Printed Textiles

Garret Mallon - Jewellery

Garvan Traynor - Jewellery

Heather Burgess - Textiles

Helen Shearer - Ceramics

Janice Gilmore - Textiles

Jemma Millen - Ceramics

Jill Graham - Jewellery

John McKeag - Ceramics

John Piekaar - Wood

Karen O'Kane - Textiles

Karen Shannon - Mixed Media

Keith Sheppard - Glass

Lynda Brown - Ceramics

Margaret Jamison - Textiles

Margaret Napier - Textiles

Mark Hanvey - Wood

Nicola Gates - Textiles

Nora Watson - Jewellery

Rachel McKnight - Jewellery

Reaction Jewellery - Jewellery

Red Earth Designs - Ceramics

Robyn Galway - Jewellery

Rory Shearer - Ceramics

Scott Benefield - Glass

Shannon McShane - Jewellery

Sharon Adams - Metal

Stephen Ryan - Wood

Stuart Cairns - Metal 

Sue Cathcart - Mixed Media

Tara J Murphy - Jewellery

Victoria Bentham - Ceramics